Goodbye Again

*Gambar memang tak kena langsung dengan tajuk post kali nie.Wahaha

Assalamualaikum and hello readers and also stalkers yang comel-comel,handsome-handsome belaka :)
So,for about one hour lagi i will going back to my second home a.k.a hostel.Ohmybieber! surely suprised kan? Hahaha,dah la sekejap jea balik rumah lepas tu nak kena balik hostel again.Well,i wanna said that my life being as a hostel student.So,say hello to my big bad hostel
world,haters,likers,lovers,friends and also teachers and senior,juniors.So,say goodbye to facebook,twitter,blog,formspring,tumblr and so on .And not forgetting,bye Brother Wann Rexroinpendra',Sister Trah Assan and all my friends on facebook.I Love You Guys okay.So,goodbye :)

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Okay,see that picture? boleh dia cakap me (Liana Lavista),Nisa (Khairun Nisa Azhar),Hazirah (Nur Hazirah II) and kak Safina (Safina Izwani) so jealous dengan dia? Wahahaha Wann oii! takda kuasa Lala nak jealous dengan Wann.Nasib baik la Kak Trah Assan backing kami semua.Dia cakap macam nie "nak jeles amende depa semua gelpren i". Hahaha sayang Kak Trah:) So,that all for today.Till we meet soon.KBye :)


Assalamulaikum and hello stalkers readers.
So,this week im coming home :) But so many things happenend on this week.Sad,happy,tension and so many more.Hmm,first of all my hostel school debate was lost during to competition.Do you know we lost to Kampung Selamat school? Oh my i wanna said that they were really superb gila terror! yes for sure! they were deserved to win it.But,you know what? one of my friend who also in the debate compeition still unsatisfied with me.Dia siap tell all Aspuri form 3 about my bad.Ohmaigosh! seriously sakit hati gila bila dia buat macam nie.And thanks to her sebab i have getting more haters day by day.Why do you have to make me like this? Hang tau dak aku nie kawan hang? Hang tau dak selama nie aku punya la buat derk bila hg buat mcm tu mcm nie dkt aku and org lain.Tapi bila benda nie dah jadi teruk xkan aku nak biar kot?.Please la wei,change your attitude.I hate when my own friend doing to me like this.Hmm,next story balik daripada hostel kelmarin petang tengok-tengok Wann Rexroinpendra' and Trah Assan re-married relationship.Wahahah,okay tumpang bahagia untuk diorang :D.To them,hopefully korang bahagia.Seriously korang sweet gila!  and also to Wann Rexroinpendra',wahaha lala taknok kcau wann dh.nnti xpasal2 wann ckap lala jealous.sudah serik kena tagged dlm post smlm dgn org lain so jealous.wahaha XD.So.that's all for today.Bye