Yeay! its holiday already!.Assalamualaikum and Hi dear readers.Sorry for not updating this blog for a long time.Its not that i didnt have any mood to update it but it just that i am too busy with my works recently.As you all can see i have already made a few changes in my blog.If you realise that.I just want to change to a new one.Insya-allah i will come back with more post.Goodbye and have an awesome holiday.

Victoriansss 4 evahhhh

Told ya that guy voice is soooo awesome! Meltingggg! have to watch dizzz video.Like seriously

Selera Ria *full*

*Muka burn plus penat.Bak kata Nadia
Hi and Assalamualaikum
Disebabkan ada adik manis sorang nie ha request suruh upload semua gambar time selera ria sabtu lepas,jadi dengan rela hatinya  saya mengupload semua di sini.

*Hi Rifqa,saya amat merindui anda yang cantik dan cute-miut.Please take note dizzz.Lulzzz

So,lets begin!

*4 Delta is in da houzzz!

*Meet Fatin,model of balloonssss....lulzzz

*Meet Farizah and Aida.model peace masa kini :p

*Sorang muka scary,tengah model telefon and sorang lagi muka serabut

*Looking delicious.Nyummm.

*Satu,dua,tiga Peace!

*Three little princess Farizah from left,Nadia and Yaya

*Couple sweet macam gula.Lulzzz

*Kakak2 cantik manis from left Kak Khalie,Kak Hanum and Kak Salwa

*With Myrah,beloved junior :D 

*Nadia and Ili and also mee :D

*I guess this is totally random

*And also random again

*Guess who i am stalking.Lulzzz.

*Perfect picture with Hanis :D

"Eh,cik nak makan? mai la rasa.Bak kata Zul"

*Another random maybe

*Another and another random

*Haziq's girlfriend :)

*With kak  waniee! yeah :D

*This is what we called as photography.Lulzz

Tak larat nak tulis caption dah.Thats all.Bye and Assalamualaikum :)