I guess this blog has been abandoned like 2 years ago yet so many things and event happend.
I guess I miss writing here so much so I decided to come here.
Reading those old posts here make me realise betapa makin lama aku makin matang mungkin.
Maybe agak cringe baca benda tu semua tapi tu semua memories okay haha.
So many things changed.From the way I dress to my attitude.Its not its changing to bad its just changing to some kind of good.And yeah I really appreciate some people who has been in the process
So my age is increasing and look I am being 21 year old yang masih lagi tak cukup umur and get ready to go another phase of life.
Diploma is finished and now I am currently on my industrial training.
Entah aku merepek apa pun taktahu.Aku harap tahun ni bagi la benda yang elok jadi ye.
So yeah goodbye then see u soon

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